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Rollover Information and Process

If your plan allows it, outlined is the process to roll over your previous employer’s retirement plan into your current plan.

Contact your previous employer’s retirement plan company to find out what process they will require to roll over your previous employer’s retirement plan.

  • Some retirement plans will allow you to complete everything via your participant website with your old plan. They may provide a distribution/rollover option via your participant site to enter all the necessary information online and process your rollover. If so, you can skip to “How to make the rollover check payable to your new retirement plan.”
  • Your previous employer’s retirement plan provider may also allow you to process your rollover request directly over the phone with a participant service representative. If so, please proceed to “How to make the rollover check payable to your new retirement plan” to provide them with the necessary information to process the rollover.
  • The most common process for rolling over your old employer retirement plan is through paper form via a distribution/rollover package. By calling your old retirement plan provider they will either provide you or direct you to a form(s) that will need to be completed per the instructions.

Once you have discovered the process and steps required by the previous employer’s retirement plan to complete the rollover. You will need the following information:


How to make the rollover check payable to your new retirement plan.


The previous retirement plan will issue your rollover check made payable directly to your new retirement plan with a FBO (For Benefit Of) designation stating your name. For example, Ascensus Trust FBO John Smith.

Below is a list of retirement plan providers and their corresponding pay to information:

  • Vanguard Retirement Plan | Pay to: Ascensus Trust Company FBO Your Name
  • T Rowe Price Retirement | Pay to: T Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services FBO Your Name
  • John Hancock | Pay to: John Hancock c/o Trustees of “Your new plan name” FBO Your Name
  • Nationwide | Pay to: Nationwide Financial FBO Your Name
  • Empower | Pay to: Empower Retirement FBO Your Name
  • Principal | Pay to: Principal Trust Company FBO Your Name
  • American Funds | Pay to: Capital Bank & Trust FBO Your Name


After you have completed the necessary steps to process the rollover per the previous retirement plan’s requirements, the rollover check will typically be mailed to your address of record.


Upon receipt of your rollover check, you will need to complete one additional form for your new retirement plan commonly referred to as a rollover contribution submission form.This form will confirm the information received with your check, the amount of the payment, what type of contributions are included in the check (employee pre-tax, Roth 401k, profit sharing, etc…).  Please contact us for this form and we will be happy to complete it with you.

This form will then accompany your check, and both will be sent in to the address provided on the form and your rollover will be completed.